“Gwendoline, I think it was fantastic, best one I have attended as I can actually practically use things I’ve learned – it just seemed logical to me, thank you!”

Attendee at Schwarzkopf corporate training for managers in Melbourne Australia. (2009)

“A very good, informative book, written in a lively style with lots of first person material.”

Regarding my book Depression Explained, from:
Judith S. Beck Ph.D, Director
Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy & Research
Philadelphia, USA

“Your presentation rated among the top presentations of the day. Your bubbly & positive input was appreciated and enjoyed by all attendees.”

Regarding my presentation to the Law Society, from:
Director of CLE

“I am doing well and loving life. Thanks to you I can stand in front of people & do presentations. Thank you for re-wiring my brain and enabling me to live free without fear. It brings tears to my eyes what you did for me.”

Mission completed through thinking explained! From a satisfied customer:
Love S – (No longer social phobic, no longer afraid of failure)